OpenSAFELY is a collaboration between the DataLab at the University of Oxford, the EHR group at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, TPP, EMIS and other electronic health record software companies (who already manage NHS patients' records), working on behalf of NHS England and NHSX, with a growing list of broader collaborations including ICNARC.

We are a well-established team of software developers, clinicians, and epidemiologists, all pooling diverse skills and knowledge to deliver high performance, highly secure and accurate health data analytics, using modern open software development techniques. The project is led by two NHS doctors, Ben Goldacre and Liam Smeeth, with lead software developer Seb Bacon. We have delivered because of our mixed skillset: we have software developers, and “developer-epidemiologists”, who can speak the same language as the technical teams within EHR system suppliers.

  • Ben Goldacre: Director, DataLab, University of Oxford (joint principal investigator)
  • Liam Smeeth: Professor, LSHTM (joint principal investigator)
  • Seb Bacon: Chief Technical Officer, DataLab, University of Oxford